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Cool Mini Fridge

Portable, practical and reliable mini fridges can be real game-changers in your home or dorm room. However, you know what's even better? A cool mini fridge. And we don't (only) mean it as a bad pun!

We're talking about models with a unique design that's bound to become a conversation starter or those in an unusual color that can either complement your room's palette or introduce a new hue.

Funky design aside, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when choosing a cool mini fridge.

The first is where exactly you're going to place it. Even though they're tiny, they won't automatically fit everywhere. You need to measure your designated spot and make sure that you actually have a spare power outlet available nearby, unless you opt for a model with a USB or DC plug.

You should also have a good idea as to how you're going to use it. If it's for a specific type of drink (like cans or bottled beers), you can find space-optimizing options designed to fit as many of those as possible. If it's for small food items and/or various drinks, it's better to choose a more versatile model with a few shelves. Bonus points if they're removable!

Another thing that you might want to consider is the type of cooling system. Without getting too technical, it can make the difference in some scenarios.

Compressor cooling systems are the most popular and you can find them in most traditional fridges, too. These mini fridges are durable and energy-efficient. However, they aren't the quietest, so we don't recommend them in a dorm room.

If silence is a priority, look for absorption cooling.

Alternatively, you can consider a thermoelectric cooling system, which is fairly quiet and cheaper but not the most durable. For example, it could be a more suitable choice for temporary solutions.

Finally, consider if there are any specific features that you should look for, like a small freezer section or a lock if you share the room with someone you don't trust that much.

Stylish and contemporary, this cool mini fridge can be a beautiful addition to any room thanks to its versatile light-blue and white design. It features thermoelectric cooling with a warming function and a practical handle. This means that, for example, you can easily use it to keep your lunch warm at work, too.

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